Apache Interactive is a Houston based Internet marketing and design agency that develops beautiful, responsive (mobile friendly) websites, inbound marketing programs, PPC campaigns and search engine optimization.

Originally founded in 1998 as Apache Advertising and Design, the agency quickly found it’s niche in the online world and after strategic partnerships with industry leaders Marketects Inc, Susprod, and Paige PR, we greatly strengthened the inbound marketing, content creation and web development aspects of our business.

Apache Interactive’s creative team can handle any marketing project, and any budget. New product launch, political campaigns, retail promotions, social media and Internet marketing – We’ve got you covered.


Matt Hoffpauir – Founder / Digital Marketing Specialist

Apache Advertising and Design was founded in 1998 by Matt Hoffpauir, honor graduate of the Art Institute of Houston.

Hoffpauir has more than 15 years of marketing and design experience servicing a variety of clients ranging from small start-ups to international corporations, and even political campaigns. He brings a unique combination of creativity and salesmanship to the table that is truly unmatched.

Amanda Chambers – Director Of Social Media

Amanda keeps our projects on track and on budget. Her background in business administration, attention to detail and creativity are essential elements to the Apache production process. From day to day you’ll find Amanda managing projects, accounting, and customer service. Have a question for Amanda? E-mail her at Amanda@ApacheInteractive.com.

Eric Wargo – Director of Web Development

Eric Wargo is veteran of Houston’s finest new media firms, a graduate of the Art Institute of Houston and the founder of Susprod.

Mr. Wargo has a large gamut of things he has created such as web utilities, dashboards, social media integrations, lead generators, lead trackers, etc… He’s the lead on all web projects, with a specialty in WordPress and hails from Costa Rica (pura vida!).


Kerry O’Malley – Social Media Guru and Marketing Muse

Kerry O’Malley has over 27 years of experience marketing industrial products in manufacturing and industrial service companies.

O’Malley is also the founder of Marketects and has been providing marketing solutions to small to mid size companies that do not have an in-house marketing communications team for over 12 years. O’Malley recently formed a strategic alliance with Apache Advertising and Design to provide greater marketing and Internet services to our clients.

Paige Donnell – Public Relations Specialist

Paige Donnell is the founder and CEO of Paige PR, a PR and marketing agency for the energy industry.  For more than 10 years, Paige has helped clients strategize and identify key messages, then build successful campaigns surrounding those efforts.