Google Offers 8 Excited New Top Level Domains (TDLs) This Week, and The Prices May Surprise You.

best domain name for law firms

Google has unveiled eight fresh and exciting top-level domains (TLDs) that cater to various needs, including one that could hold significant commercial value for legal firms, a few tailored to academics, and two centered on file extensions that may pose security concerns.

New Top-Level Domains

The diverse range of applications for the eight new TLDs includes:

.dad .phd .prof .esq .foo .zip .mov .nexus

Since 2015, the .mom domain has been open for registration.

It’s puzzling why the .dad domain took so long to materialize, but now is the opportunity to secure!

Pricing for the New Top-Level Domains

Domain registration for the new TLDs began on May 3, 2023.

Over the next week, prices will decrease in six stages until they settle at a base price of $30 per year on May 10th.

The sooner a domain is registered, the higher the cost.

As a result, the most valuable domains will initially have higher price tags.

Google’s Domain Registrar Six Pricing Stages:

Phase 1 – May 3 at 12:00 PM – $11,500 + $30/year

Phase 2 – Starts May 4 at 12:00 PM – $3,500 + $30/year

Phase 3 – May 5 at 12:00 PM – $1,150 + $30/year

Phase 4 – May 6 at 12:00 PM – $350 + $30/year

Phase 5 – May 8 at 12:00 PM – $125 + $30/year

General Availability – May 10 at 12:00 PM – $30/year

Getting in early will cost you, but it may be the only way to capture the domain name you want. They will be bought up fast.

.Esq Top-Level Domain

In the United States, the term “esquire” (often shortened to Esq.) is a designation used for attorneys.

It is generally placed after their names, indicating that they have passed the bar exam in their state.

Therefore, the .esq TLD is specifically designed for use by American lawyers.

The TLD with the greatest commercial potential is arguably .esq. Esq is the abbreviated form of the title “esquire,” which is a courtesy title granted to attorneys.

Domain names containing relevant keywords are excellent for quickly conveying a website’s purpose to users.

A region-based legal service could employ a domain name that combines a geographic area and their specialty to quickly communicate that the business serves the user’s location. However, many of the most sought-after legal-related domains with meaningful words are already taken. For this reason, the .esq TLD could offer an opportunity for attorneys to obtain a suitable domain name.

Many attractive domain names are currently available.

Nonetheless, they can be obtained at early access prices, meaning they require a minimum of $11,500 for registration, followed by an annual fee of $30.

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