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Apache Interactive is a Houston based digital marketing agency that develops and manages beautiful responsive websites, holistic SEO strategies, marketing automation, digital advertising campaigns and more.

Founded in 1998 as Apache Advertising and Design, the agency quickly found it’s niche in the online world and after strategic partnerships with industry leaders from Marketects Inc, Susprod, and Paige PR, we solidified the SEO, digital advertising, social media marketing, content creation and web development niche of our business.

Apache Interactive’s creative team can handle any digital marketing challenge. New product launch, political campaigns, church and ministry outreach, retail promotions, social media and Internet marketing – We’ve got you covered. In recent years we've supported other agencies and helped win multiple awards for best website and SEO work.

Meet The Team


Matt Hoffpauir
Digital Marketing Strategist and Founder

Matt Hoffpauir has over 20 years of marketing, SEO, PPC and responsive web design experience, is an honors graduate of The Art Institute Of Houston, loves Mexican food and he thinks he can play the guitar.


Amanda Hoffpauir
Director of Social Media

Amanda Hoffpauir is our social media ninja. When she’s not running the office, looking after the team and making sure that no details are overlooked, she is probably off reading a good book or getting a mani-pedi.


Jeff Rose
Digital Transformation Leader

Jeff is senior-level information technology leader with decades of experience and a passion for using technology and managing complex projects. He's also a pretty mean bass player.

Kerry OMalley

Kerry O'Malley
Content Marketing Guru

Kerry O’Malley has over 29 years of experience marketing industrial products in manufacturing and industrial service companies. Kerry is also the founder of Marketects and has been providing marketing solutions with Apache Interactive for more than 11 years.

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Emily Hollingsworth
Digital Marketing Associate

Emily Hollingsworth has 4 years of SEO, brand development, responsive web design, and e-commerce experience. She's currently pursuing her Bachelor's in Graphic Information Technology with a specialty in User Experience Design at Arizona State University. Go Sun Devils! 

People Always Come First

In a world filled with fake marketing gurus and people that don't keep their word, we understand that choosing a marketing partner can be very challenging and stressful. We strive to rise above the noise and provide something of greater substance for our clients and team members. We aim to improve the lives and businesses of everyone we work with.

People always come first. Our client's needs are important and we treat them as such. Our team members lives are important and we treat them as such also. We’re always up for a challenge. Our industry is very dynamic, and we are always able to adapt to the latest trends. We don’t believe in doing work for work’s sake or being anything less than honest with our clients, team members and strategic partners. We know what works and we do it.


You will never see us posing next to a rented sports car or a mansion on the beach and selling you dreams of getting rich quick. You will never hear us repeating trendy marketing catch phrases just to make ourselves sound smart. There are no shortcuts in the competitive world of digital marketing and the only path we are willing to take is one of honest, smart, strategic planning followed by the hard work needed to execute that strategy.


The day the we lose passion for our work and it's no longer is fun, is the day that we need to hang it up. We love the feeling of completing tasks and seeing the results. We love hearing our customers tell us about the new sales they've been able to make because of our work, and that feeling continues to drive us every day.


There is no plan B. When we take on a client, new team member, or strategic partner, we are committed to their success. We do not back out of our promises in order to take the easier route. We are in this together. To go fast, you go alone. To go far, you go together.

To Go Fast, Go Alone. To Go Far, Go Together.

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Who We Are And What We Do

Apache Interactive is a digital marketing agency specializing in technical SEO, online advertising (PPC), content marketing, and web design and development services.

We work directly with client companies, and also partner with other marketing and branding agencies that want to have a digital marketing expert on call to assist with challenging projects.

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