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The Montgomery County Women’s Center Is Saving Lives

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In our day to day operations we are used to working with clients that want to increase business and profits. It’s a rare privilege to work with an organization whose sole purpose is to save lives and help people rise up out of abusive and dangerous situations.

We were introduced to The Montgomery County Women’s Center by Jeanne Duhon from Houston Motor and Control. Jeanne made a very generous contribution to The Montgomery County Women’s Center in order for them to cover the costs of updating their website. Since we had previously worked with Houston Motor and Control on their corporate website, she knew we would be perfect fit for the job.

In additional to Jeanne’s amazing donation, Apache Interactive donated free web hosting for life.

The goals were simple. Their old site did not give them the tools they needed to update their content easily, do online fundraising efficiently, or to help users that were on a mobile phone. Since the typical user of this website will be in a very stressful, and sometimes life threatening situation, they needed to be able to access help using their mobile phone easily. We created a full responsive site structure for them and customized the mobile view so that it provided the most important information at the top of the page, with one touch dialing and a “quick escape” button in case someone had to hide the website from someone quickly.

It was very educational working with The Montgomery County Women’s Center. Their needs were completely different from anyone we’ve worked with before and it was very fulfilling to work with an organization that is saving lives every single day.

Please consider contributing to this great organization and support their cause. For more information on The Montgomery County Women’s Center, please contact

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