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What Is The Value Of A Domain Name?


We work with start ups, established companies, and people that have just acquired an existing business. All of them have different needs when it comes to Internet marketing.

We’re commonly asked about the value of a domain names. A domain name becomes more valuable with age, domain authority and quality inbound links. If a domain has these elements it is much easier to rank well on search engines and compete in today’s market.

When buying a new domain that does not have the characteristics mentioned above, try to get a domain that is simple to remember, easy to spell, and preferrably a .com or .net in most cases. In some situations it is nice to get a “novelty” domain extension. For example, we recently purchased TheWoodlands.Attorney as an investment that we’d eventually sell to a law firm in The Woodlands, Texas. A quick search on will show you a large list of domain extensions that may be relevant to your business and very memorable for your customers.

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