7 Ways To Use Trade Shows and Public Speaking Events To Enhance Your Digital Marketing

trade show marketing tips

Many people don’t realize that attending trade shows and giving public presentations can be a great way to enhance their digital marketing. The key is not to view it as a one-time event, and instead view it as an opportunity to capture content that can be repurposed and used for a variety of new digital marketing purposes in the future.

Here are a few simple steps that can be taken to help you get more mileage out of your public speaking and trade show efforts.

1. If trade shows have directories of vendors and presenters, you can ask them to include links to your website.

Some events host online directories on their websites or send out emails to trade show visitors. This can be a good opportunity to get your brand and website in front of people before they even arrive at the event.

2. Repurpose your presentation as a blog post or series of articles on your website.

Transcribing a presentation can help to create engaging and informative blog posts or articles. When the transcription is published on your website, it can help to improve SEO as well as provide valuable information to potential and current customers. 

3. Record your presentation on video and post it online as a webinar, podcast, or YouTube video.

This content can help increase organic search traffic by providing valuable content that can be shared across social media and video platforms. Don’t forget that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

Alternatively, if the video content is worth using as a lead magnet, you can hide it behind a password-protected area of your website and only provide it if the viewer provides their contact information.

4. Publish your presentation video transcription in the YouTube description.

Long-form video descriptions are great for SEO because they allow you to include more keywords that can help your video rank on search engines and in the YouTube search results. They also allow you to give more information about your company and what you do, which can help attract potential customers.

5. If you’re giving a presentation, include your website address on any slides that you use.

Other people may record your public presentations, so having your website and contact info visible will help future viewers of this material find their way back to your website.

6. Follow up with your trade show leads by sending them your presentation videos.

After collecting leads at a trade show, a good follow-up may be to send out an email with a link to your presentation. Capturing your public speaking on video allows you to use this content to further educate your prospects on the value of your products/services. Using trade shows and public speaking events

7. Break your presentation video content up into smaller clips for sharing on social media.

Breaking up large videos into smaller clips and using them to share on social media can be a great way to reach a wider audience and get more people interested in your content. Highlight videos such as this could entice a viewer to seek out more information on your website.

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