Dealing With The Aftermath Of Hurricane Harvey

Since most of our clients are located in Texas, you are probably aware of the devastating floods occurring throughout east Texas first hand.

We are happy to report that our team is all accounted for and water did not reach our homes or offices, but our neighbors in the communities around us were not as lucky. Homes and building less than two blocks away from us were filled with over 6 feet of water during the torrential downpour brought by Hurricane Harvey.

Power, Internet connections, and phone services have already been restored for us, so we’ll be back to 100% business capacity very soon. Fortunately, our web servers are not physically located in the Houston area, so there was never a threat of losing the sites that we host.

I am amazed to see the incredible amount of volunteer support coming to the aid of our community. People are literally lining up on the roads to bring in food, drinking water, fuel, boats and other items needed to help support the rescue efforts. The local churches have all kicked into high gear organizing volunteer teams and collecting donations to help the community recover. When horrible situations like this occur, our true American spirit shines through. This is real America – Not the divided, polarized groups frequently shown on the news.

We’ve started helping in our own communities as much as we can. Amanda has helped people get water rescues, organized donation drop offs and is now doing laundry local families who still have their homes under water. Her incredible spirit has truly inspired everyone around her.

To see a short 10-second clip of the local flooding in our local neighborhood, click the video below.

Helpful Resources:

To find out which roads are still closed, please visit

If you are in our immediate area (Kingwood/Humble Texas) and would like some assistance from volunteers to help clean up your flooded home, please fill out this volunteer form from Strawbridge United Methodist Church.

If you would like to volunteer and help this church team, please fill out this volunteer form. Once again, this is only for our local community in the Kingwood and Humble area.  Check with your local churches and Red Cross for other local volunteer opportunities.

Professional Recommendations:

We’ve made a lot of friends and professional connections over the years and some of them can be of great assistance at this time.

If the waters have receded but you are still experiencing drainage issues, please contact JB Irrigation. They do fantastic drain cleaning and installation.

If you are in need of drywall repair or replacement due to food damage, please visit and fill out the form to get a quote on repair.

If you have had your air conditioning unit submerged and are needing someone to get it running again, we highly recommend contacting Proline AC and Heating.

If you live on the water and have had your dock or boat lift damaged from the rising waters, we recommend The Boat Lift Company.


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