Will Inbound Marketing Replace Your Sales Team?


…what about cold calling?

…isn’t this a blog post, the very thing we are talking about?

All of those are great questions but come one, seriously, is inbound marketing the thing of the future?

Truth be told, inbound and outbound marketing strategies need to work together. You could write all the greatest content the world has ever read but unless you already have a huge following nothing beats your tenacity to go get the work. You are the asset. You are the goods.

If you are a small business then you are the marketing strategy of your company. Consider how you are going to handle inbound and outbound work. The goal is that your inbound work supports your outbound work and vice versa.

Truth be told, inbound and outbound marketing strategies need to work together.

Last I checked, food still isn’t free.

Wrap your mind around your entire strategy. What problems are you solving? Take whatever message you are personally delivering to your clients and make sure that your presence on the web supports it. It all works hand-in-hand. I used to work for a company that wanted me to lead up the inbound campaign and refused to let me work on anything outbound. Leads did trickle in but they were slow and definitely not steady.

Many people are looking for the easy answer to marketing since it can seem futile at times but in reality if you aren’t growing, you’re dying because others are growing and you will be looked over.

So what exactly is an inbound versus an outbound strategy?

Inbound strategy:

An inbound strategy seeks to use the internet methods of search engine optimization to maximize the reach of your brand by 1) taking your brand information further than you can take it on your own and 2) to place your content into the most researched location in the world (well sorta in the world). Since people search online for what they need more than anything else then make sure your brand is 100% “findable.”

Outbound Strategy

Outbound strategies are about what you yourself can do. This would include things like going on appointments, asking for referrals, getting more work out of existing clients, cold calls, etc… At the end of a day people do business with other people. A good salesmen is limited by a bad product. A good product is limited by a bad salesman.


Now that you know the difference on the 2 allow me to make a recommendation. Be the outbound strategy. Close the deals. As I said you are the asset and can’t be replaced by a computer. However, don’t spend all your time on your inbound strategy. Writing continuous content for your site can be tedious and honestly a waste of your time. We suggest, you let us handle your inbound everything.

We will work with you to make sure we learn your company and your service/product. We do this for dozens of companies already and have seen incredible results but the results stand with the teams that used inbound and outbound together.

Let us be your partners and get you the leads that are interested in what you want even before you contacted them.

Let’s get em together Tiger!

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