Is Social Media Just A Fad? Or Is It The Biggest Shift Since The Industrial Revolution?

Still think social media is just a fad? The following video might help put things into perspective.

Businesses are jumping on the social media bandwagon in droves, but are they doing it correctly? The corporate world has used broadcast media to get their message out for decades, but treating social media like broadcast is the biggest mistake many businesses will make with thier SMM (social media marketing) campaigns.

Today’s social media audience doesn’t care about your sales and product announcements. They want to interact – They want useful information – And they want to know that they are communicating with a real HUMAN.

Tone down the sales pitch and start asking questions and interacting. Show that you are interested in what other people have to offer, and consider giving away some useful information for free in return. Social media marketing is not a spectator sport – You have to dive in and contribute to the information superhighway if you want anyone to notice you.

What does your social media campaign contribute?


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